About Us

From instructional designers to linguists and engineers, our team provides a robust solution to your language localization needs.

Our Team


Business Values

In business, Verbis is an enabler in the dissemination of knowledge globally. We believe our role is to help our clients achieve training and development goals that have a positive effect throughout the world. Finally, we also believe that each company and situation is unique and that a good portion of our job is to identify those factors and to build a solution that enhances the particular situation.

Personal Values

Our personal values are a reflection of who we are as individuals. We believe in personal growth and development, accountability of our actions and caring for others. We also believe that cultural differences make companies stronger. These values drive not only our day-to-day approach with our clients, but also our methodology, analysis and execution.

Community Values

At Verbis, we see ourselves as part of an ecosystem that includes learners, companies, educators, lingusits and technical gurus. We have a duty to create value and positive change to all of the communites that we touch as part of this ecosystem. Verbis also believes that the work we do should have a positive impact globally.


At Verbis we believe to provide the best localization solutions we have to truly understand our clients, their needs and their challenges. That is why in addition to having certified localization project managers, and certified linguists, we have project managers who are also certified Instructional Designers and experts in various authoring tools. This allows us to truly understand learning designing needs and how to identify potential issues before the project starts. And for those clients who engage us in the development stage of their projects working with our certified instructional designers can prevent costly mistakes, saving our customers money and precious time. And since we have extensive experience working with various authoring tools you can be sure that your target audience will have the same visual experience as those in the source language. So when it comes time to choose a localization provider for your learning and training project you rest assured knowing that Verbis has the skills, experience and understanding to make you and your project a success.

Our team is trained in a wide variety of eLearning methods and best practices. We stay up to date on the latest trends, technology, and research surrounding the eLearning industry.

eLearning/Instructional Design

This certification equips us with the most up-to-date and effective eLearning practices for multiple modalities. We are trained in creating an individualized, asynchronous learning experience and understand how to best approach potential instructional design challenges in any industry.

ATD Master Instructional Designer Program

We understand how to best orchestrate every step of the design project, including collaborating with stakeholders, designing measurable learning objectives, and implementing multiple learning theories to effectively reach a diverse audience of learners.

Articulate Storyline Certificate and Articulate Storyline Fundamentals Certificate

Our team knows how to effectively use Articulate Storyline to create a rewarding eLearning experience. We know the ins and outs of using Articulate Storyline in order to build engaging and interactive slides, customize player interface and navigation, publish for mobile devices, and much more.

To learn more about us and how we can be the perfect solution for your learning and training project, contact us today at info@verbisinc.com or call us at 281-223-1107.