Who We Serve

Our focus on helping corporate training and development teams allows us to understand the objectives, requirements and needs of different decision-makers in your company’s learning process.

Who We Serve

The learning and development functions at multinational corporations play a critical role in the success of a global strategy. Employees need to be properly trained. End users and clients require easy but thorough information about the product or service involved. Partners and influencers demand a clear understanding of their role. At Verbis, we help companies disseminate concise information to advance the objectives of the business and meet the requirements of different audiences. We also understand that there are a number of parties within training and development departments that expect specific solutions.

Instructional Designer

We understand the significant role you play in implementing and managing an engaging learning experience. Not only do you serve as a developer of course materials but also as a curator, as you work with subject matter experts and online communities to select and assemble information that effectively meets course objectives. You must also choose the appropriate design to present course materials in a captivating format that works for multiple cultures and languages.

Our certified localization learning designers and SME linguists can help you increase efficiency and reduce project costs. We use the latest technology to produce accurate deliverables so you can ensure that your targeted audiences reach their learning goals in any language. Click here to learn more!

eLearning Developer

Our years of working with eLearning Developers have given us a good understanding of the challenges they face. eLearning Developers must know how to write learning objectives and assess them. Having to do that in multiple languages just makes your life more complicated. It’s not enough to give out information in multiple languages. Developing multilingual courses that effectively teach learners globally involves a great deal of linguistic, cultural, technical, and localization workflow knowledge. You must work with linguists with subject matter expertise, a team who can help you navigate through the cultural roadblocks and nuances. Working with a team who understands how to make the best use of localization and language technology as it is applied to your specific initiative and learning goals is key for project success.

At Verbis we help our clients do that. Our localization solutions help you develop culturally accurate assessments, tests, and assignments to ensure your final projects are completely accurate in whatever language your target audience needs. We understand you need to do more than deliver a translated course; you need to be sure it is effective and measurable. To learn more about how we can help you with your next multilingual course, click here!

Director of eLearning and Training

We understand the significant role that you play in the successful execution and management of a training program. You must ensure internal client satisfaction by creating effective innovation strategies and implementing change when needed. You are responsible for Team Management, including both in-house members and vendors. We also understand the build versus buy responsibilities of managing a budget and the consensus-building communications needed with stakeholders.

At Verbis, we help you manage these tasks efficiently. Our streamlined localization workflow reduces time and allows you to meet your go-live date while keeping you under budget. We also help you maintain satisfaction with all stakeholders as you achieve same adoption rates and learning KPIs. Click here to learn more!

Talent Development

We understand that in talent development, your goal is to successfully lead a team of learning professionals to strategically and tactically support the needs of the work force in learning development, functional/technical skills training, and onboarding.

Our training helps you with this process by providing localization solutions that are culturally and linguistically accurate. We help our client companies attract, retain, and develop their global talent since we understand that poorly translated materials would exhibit the wrong image.

As a training executive, your job is to oversee all learning & training functions. You strive for seamless integration across all departments and to ensure that your global learners are all on the same page.

At Verbis, we provide localization solutions that are measurable to help you better assess productivity, quality, safety, retention of talent, and time to proficiency so that you can meet budgetary goals and launch dates. Click here to learn more!

Learning and Development Executives

As a learning and training executive you oversee all learning and training functions. You are responsible that your training localization projects are completed on-time, on-budget, with excellent quality to ensure you effectively reach your audience. You know that multilingual training impacts revenue, costs, talent retention and safety; globally. You also know the pain that an overbudget, delayed, or poorly localized project produces. With thousands of services providers to choose from how do you know who to trust with your learning localization needs?

At Verbis we understand your pain and concerns. Our team of subject matter experts, and certified instructional designers, have years of experience working with various authoring tools. We deliver cost effective, accurate localization solutions and we understand the nuance that language and culture have on training. To learn more about how we help our clients effectively deliver on-time, on-budget, accurate global training projects, click here.